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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Another Day Wasted

Another Day Goes To Waste

Haiyaa..donno what's happening to me la. Sooo... lazy. Today should have been a productive day, instead I spent the whole morning sleeping. Afternoon wasn't conducive enough to start anything and then all of the sudden, night came.

However, got this exciting news to share. Well, exciting at least for my part laa. My ex-tutor (currently pursuing her Masters) who somehow became a friend of mine is getting married next month. She 'SMS'ed me this morning about the good news, I called her and we immediately launched into a colourful conversation since it's been quite some time since we chatted. It has always been nice talking with her. She's good at teaching and giving advices and is also blessed with the ability to 'read' other people's mind and character. Maybe she's not correct all the time, but I enjoy listening to her point of view and reasoning. I insisted her to tell me about his husband-to-be but she said no. She gave me clues, but only useless ones, like he is Malaysian, stays on earth.... you know, clues that make you regret for ever asking. I wonder why she wants to keep it a secret since I'm due to find out anyway. But then, I think she shares somewhat a same philosophy of mine; something is always more interesting when there's a mystery behind it. It keeps your mind guessing and your curiosity on hold. When the mystery is revealed, and nothing is left to be uncovered, it won't be much fun anymore ain't it? So ok, I can live with that.

It was nothing much I think. Just half an hour of chit-chat. But it was the highlight of my day.


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