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Friday, April 08, 2005

Of Cursors

Of Cursors And Animation

I can always find out about the time by looking a the bottom right corner of my screen or by a glance at my old-school handphone. I don't have a wristwatch, err..actually I do but I dunno where I put it. Haven't been wearing one ever since the start of the semester. Didn't mind it though, coz my handphone's decent clock feature is adequate enough. I'm also used to the conventional time-table calendar in which I don't have any complaints either. But having a cursor that has the date and time following everywhere it goes? Waayyy kewwwlll!!!

I found the source code incidentally while surfing through someone's blog. She I found out, copied it from somebody else too, and I have this gut feeling that that somebody copied it from another source also. The list might go on and on. So to trace the original programmer of the code would take some considerable effort in which I'm not willing to indulge myself into. However, if by some sort of rare almost impossible cosmic coincidence the programmer finds my blog, "Hey man, u rock!"

Blogging is getting more fun. :)


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