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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Waking Early

The Day I Woke Up Early

Waking up early in the morning is not much of a problem for me. It's STAYING AWAKE that's the problem. Usually, each morning, I'll wake up for a while, stretch and yawn a bit, glance at my hp to find out the time and then say, "Emmhhh...baru kul 9, awal lagi" before dozing off again, only to wake up at 11.00 and say "Alamak, apasal la aku tak bangun kul 9 tadi..." I feel strange sometimes. I know what, when and how something should be done but just don't have the urge or mental strength to do it.

But this morning is different. I woke up and stayed up. Trust me, if you don't have any compulsory obligations and is used to curl in your bed in the morning, it's damn hard. At first I felt lousy, as if everything's not right. I guess my biological clock is not used to this sudden 'environment' change and may have initally sent the wrong message to all my inner senses, telling that "Hey, there's something wrong with Imzadle today!" But then, I realized that it turned into a good and satisfying feeling. Firstly, I felt that I had a few extra hours of the day to actually DO something. Secondly, just felt good to start the day early. Even the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) discourages us to sleep after Subuh right? Now, there must be a purpose for me to get up in the morning. All I must do now is find that purpose or go create my own. Hopefully I can do the same tomorrow morning.

I am touched sometimes by the length and effort of what some people around me would do for me. Last week, I had a slight problem with my power supply for my final year project. I didn't know what type of power supply to use. So, I confronted my lecturer cum supervisor to ask for advice. My main purpose was simple actually, to ask for the suitable type of power supply and just buy it myself. But what did he do? He took my circuit board, went downtown himself and bought it himself using his own money. He even did the wiring for my supply! It goes to show that all I need now is my hard work and effort to ensure the success of my project, InsyaAllah. I also realize that with given privileges comes high expectations. The more privileges given to me, the more is expected out of me. I certainly feel that he is expecting a big outcome from my project. I hope I can achieve it. I hope I can make him proud.

I hope.....


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