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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

TMNet Streamyx Dengki

TMNet Streamyx dengki. Diorang tak nak bagi aku updet blog.

Ni pun tumpang pc umah member lain. Tak elok ler nk pkai lelama. Dia pn nk pakai gak.

Drpd Ahad, pc umah aku xdpt access internet. Modem takde problem. LAN works fine. Called TM, they say they'll look into the matter. Aisey, aku baru tak bayar sebulan bil streamyx. Takkan dah kena potong kot :p

Will work something out. Meanwhile, tpaksalah masuk gua pergi bertapa (meminjam istilah
Nana) dulu.

"Ini bukan cobaan, ini betul-betul!!!"


....update : 5.30 p.m.

My internet line is alive and kicking.

Sorry TMNet Streamyx. I was wrong. I was being too rash. I was jumping to conclusions.

Within 24 hours after the phone call complaint made by my housemate, they made 2 phone calls to us to ge a better understanding of the problem. A TM technician then came by to the house and did the necessary repairs. Even threw us a free splitter that was damaged during a storm earlier this month.

I'm impressed. Congrats TMNet for being efficient enuff. Tak jadilah nampaknya nk bertapa.


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