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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Week of Misery

What are the characters of a good leader? What makes some leaders respected while others despised? Different people might have different opinions, but as for my humble view, I think good leaders are those whose words are measured up by their actions. When they say something, you can bet your ass kicked that they're gonna do it. They're the ones who deliver. But when they don't, you know it's because of the powers that be, not because of their lack of effort, commitment or determination.

I joined a social voluntary program recently. I quote the words that my program coordinator said to my team during the briefing session,
"Satu perkara yang sangat penting dan amat saya tekankan adalah ketepatan masa. Saya tidak boleh bertolak-ansur dalam hal ini. Saya tidak akan teragak-agak mengenakan tindakan menyingkirkan mana-mana ahli yang gagal mematuhi peraturan ini. Jadi, pagi esok, saya ndak semua sekali berkumpul di sini untuk sarapan pagi tepat jam 7 29 minit 59 saat. Kemudian kita akan bertolak tepat jam 8 29 minit 59 saat."

My team slept roughly at about 3 am, and woke up at 6. I slept a lot less, since the program was held at a new place and it's typical for me to have trouble sleeping in an environment where I'm not used to. One of my team mate couldn't sleep at all. Most of us were tired from the journey, but we're determined to be punctual. By 7.25 a.m all my team mates were at the designated place.

So imagine my frustration and anger when the program coordinator was not seen until well past 9!!! I tried to sangka baik, maybe he overslept, or maybe he was somewhere else running more important errands in which I didn't know of. But it happened 2 days in a row! I wasn't asking for much. But if he was so strict as to mention even the
59 saat, then I'd expect him to flaunt his butt at the rendezvous point the same time too. 10, 15 even 30 minutes late and still it would have been enough for me since I'm not that punctual kind of person myself. But please la, make an effort dammit!

Isn't it surprising if he complains
"Why don't I get the respect and obedience I deserve from those under me? Why can't they follow simple orders?"

Will somebody please hand this guy a mirror?

Mental Note To Self: 1. Never seek to voluntarily become a leader! 2. Respect is earned, not deserved.

Have you ever felt out of place? Being somewhere where nobody wants you around? I had the 'privilege' recently, and the feeling? Damn sucks!!! Leaving out the details, let's just say a friend of mine invited me to his group meeting to aid his team's project which he thought had not enough workforce. Thinking it was for a friend, I agreed. But it took me some time to realize that in his team, he was the only one who sincerely wanted me around. The others seemed uneasy having me helping them. Of course, the words never come out off their mouths, but the body language tells it all. Their actions clarifies it. Had not it been because of the dignity of the friend who invited me, I would have left his team. Happily. Aku bukannya jenis makhluk yg terhegeh-hegeh nk pegi tolong org yg tak mintak ditolong! Kasik malu muka aku sendiri, buat apa? If they didn't want me, they could have talked about it politely and I can accept. Takyah memenatkan dan menyusahkan diri aku sendiri kan?

So dear friends, if u need my help, PLEASE ASK. If u ask, I'd be happy to help if I can. Otherwise, I'll assume that you don't need it. Jangan tuduh aku sombong plak nanti!

Wonder what the remaining days of the week holds for me.



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